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Our Story

Resonate was formed by Madeline Castrey with the aim of using music to positively change lives.

After overcoming serious illness as a teenager, Madeline began to put her musical experience to good use. She began staging concerts and forming ensembles to raise funds for good causes and to date has raised over £65,000. After being the first 16-year-old admitted onto a degree course at The London College of Music, Madeline is now about to complete her PhD in Music specialising in new ways of making music accessible. After a friend was diagnosed with Parkinson's, she began adapting singing techniques to improve motor function in those living with the condition. With these projects enjoying much success including national TV coverage, Madeline decided to roll out this work. She started the online initiative 'Sing Yourself Well,' providing accessible content to be used by everyone to positively impact the body and mind through music and song.

Resonate aims to make a meaningful difference to the lives of many individuals. With Madeline's work to date proving the extent of which music can positively impact those living with severe disability, it seemed only fitting to build this into a broader initiative. 


Resonate provides musical opportunities, opportunities for specialist speech/language and music therapy and broader projects for music and wellbeing. Whether this be in the form of workshops, one to one sessions or bigger projects - we are all about making a positive difference to individuals.

We hope you will enjoy reading about our work and hope you will consider supporting us however you can!

We fundamentally believe in the power of

music to make positive change

Our Mission

Our Mission

We provide musical opportunities to promote music as a way to boost wellness and health and complement existing therapies for those living with serious disability.

We run outreach work and creating new content to heighten engagement with music as an art form.

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Our Mission

We fund music and speech therapy for those living with serious disability to complement their existing treatment.

We run the 'Resonate Initiative' to get more people involved in using music to make positive change. This includes our vocal toolkit to be used by all to use singing to improve health and wellbeing. This is particularly useful where you may be living with someone suffering with neurological or other physical conditions.

We Need Your Support Today!

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